Lead Belly Foundation

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To assure support and long term access to Huddie “Lead Belly” Ledbetter’s music collections, and other shared memories.

To sponsor music workshops, music institutes, summer camps and concerts in which the music of Lead Belly, his contemporaries, and successors will be performing to continue to teach and influence Lead Belly’s style in blues and folk music.

Continual enhancement and maintenance of Lead Belly’s grave in Mooringsport, Louisiana which has been a national shrine for music lovers both in the United States and abroad.

To provide music scholarships to individual school-age students who desire to study a musical instrument for the purpose of enriching their lives academically, recreationally and socially.

We will provide continual support to students who aspire to further their musical talents by attending college and create mentor relationships for them to enter into the career world successfully.

To provide support to school music programs in order to enhance academic success, and increase the understanding and enjoyment of music.

To establish a museum to exhibit Lead Belly archives and memorbilia to further expose the many facets of Huddie Ledbetter.

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